Postsecondary Education


From community college courses to doctoral programs, postsecondary education encompasses all forms of schooling after completion of high school or its equivalent. RAND's research on postsecondary education programs and institutions throughout the world has been influential; research in Qatar, for instance, led to reform of the National University and a realignment of postsecondary education to societal needs.

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    Are Income Share Agreements a Viable Alternative to Student Loans?

    Under an income share agreement (ISA), the student promises a share of their future income to a funder for a set period in exchange for money for school. ISAs have benefits, but their contract terms vary, they exist in a legal gray zone, and there are equity implications.

    Aug 22, 2023

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    Stackable Credentials: Making College Work for More Students

    In some fields, stackable credentials offer a promising strategy for reshaping postsecondary education and training for underserved students. Used effectively, stackable programs can provide low-income students with a path to the middle class.

    Jan 11, 2024

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