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The hallmark of a successful education system is increasing or maintaining high student achievement. RAND research measures the effects of various types of school reforms on student achievement, with studies focusing on charter schools, the Every Student Succeeds Act, reform-oriented teaching, and classroom sizes.

  • Essay

    A Four-Day School Week? Here Are the Costs and Benefits

    Hundreds of small school districts across America have cut one day a week from their calendars. A shorter school week helps them compete for teachers and reduce costs. Teachers and parents love it. But is it really in the best interests of students?

    Aug 31, 2023

  • Commentary

    Chronic Absenteeism and Math Learning Loss Are Adding Up: What We Can Do About It

    It may sound obvious, but K–12 students need to attend school in order to learn. A necessary first step to helping students—particularly Black students, Hispanic students, and low-income students—recover learning in math is to support them to attend school. What can educators and parents do?

    Mar 4, 2024

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