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The hallmark of a successful education system is increasing or maintaining high student achievement. RAND research measures the effects of various types of school reforms on student achievement, with recent studies focusing on charter schools, No Child Left Behind, reform-oriented teaching, and classroom sizes.

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    Preparing School Leaders for Success

    Feb 25, 2019

    The New Leaders program offers rigorous, research-based training for aspiring principals. Students in K-8 schools led by New Leaders principals outperformed students in K-8 schools led by other new principals in test scores and attendance rates. Both participants and district partners expressed favorable views of the program.

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    Research Brief

    How Does Repeating a Grade Impact High School Persistence and Behavior?

    Jul 30, 2018

    New York City grade retention policies had little influence on student misbehavior and absenteeism. But retained students averaged fewer high school credits. Retention in earlier grades appears less likely to produce disadvantageous outcomes.

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