Educational Program Evaluation


RAND rigorously evaluates all kinds of educational programs by performing cost-benefit analyses, measuring effects on student learning, and providing recommendations to help improve program design and implementation. Our portfolio of educational program evaluations includes studies of early childhood education, summer and after-school programs, educator pay-for-performance, programs intended to reduce educational disparities, and choice- and standards-based reforms.

  • Commentary

    Stacking Certificates and Degrees

    Evidence suggests that stackable credentials in college are promising. But we continue to see disparities in rates of stacking across institutions, fields, and race/ethnicity. This suggests that states and colleges have more work to do to ensure strong stackable credential opportunities for all students.

    Aug 4, 2023

  • Report

    Skills for Success: Developing Social and Emotional Competencies in Out-of-School-Time Programs

    Out-of-school-time programs have long focused on children's social and emotional development as part of their mission of building a culture of connectedness and positive relationships between youth and adults. How do these programs incorporate social and emotional learning?

    Feb 27, 2023

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