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Education policy includes laws as well as processes and policies that educational organizations, local districts, states, and nations put in place and follow to achieve academic goals. RAND analyses have informed education policy in the United States, United Kingdom, Qatar, and many other countries.

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    How Policies That Restrict Teaching About Race and Gender 'Spill Over'

    Policies that limit teachers' instruction about topics related to race and gender appear to have spillover effects: Many teachers who are not subject to any state or local restrictions are choosing on their own to restrict classroom discussions about these issues.

    Feb 15, 2024

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    High Schools Offer Uneven Access to Math Courses and College Preparation

    High school math experiences are important predictors of college and career readiness. But many students—particularly those who are Black, Hispanic, or from low-income households—do not have access to advanced mathematics courses. What can schools do to make math learning more equitable?

    Feb 27, 2024

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