Navigating Mental Health Care for Veterans

Many U.S. veterans experience mental health problems—and the journey to recovery is often a complicated one.

Research shows that those who serve are more likely to experience mental health conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression—the invisible wounds that can deteriorate the quality of a veteran’s life, impair relationships, and lead to other negative consequences.

And yet, research also provides insights that inform solutions that can offer veterans and their families hope. For example, studies show that when veterans have access to high-quality mental health care, their lives change for the better.

But to get there, veterans must navigate a complex system of providers and treatments. And policymakers and providers must work to ensure that veterans have access to the highest-quality care.

This resource provides a window to explore veterans’ journeys to mental health care, findings and resources from RAND’s vast body of research, and insights on how to help more veterans receive the care they need.