Center for Global Risk and Security

The Center for Global Risk and Security (CGRS), founded in 2007 by Harold Brown, former Secretary of Defense, and Gregory Treverton, current Chair of the National Intelligence Council, works across the RAND Corporation on multi-disciplinary research and policy analysis dealing with systemic risks to global security. The Center draws on RAND's unparalleled expertise to complement and expand RAND research in many fields, including security, economics, health, and technology.

Led by an advisory board of distinguished business leaders, philanthropists, and former policymakers, the CGRS's activities are increasingly focused on global security trends and the impact of disruptive technologies on risk and security.

Recent CGRS initiatives address the global security risks of both artificial intelligence and the "internet of things," the risks and consequences of High Frequency Trading, the potential for a global technology commons, the future of European defense economies, the consequences of the Greek financial crisis, the impact of low oil prices on international security, and alternative future scenarios for Syria.

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