Special NSRD Initiatives

In addition to NSRD's research centers, the division organizes special initiatives focused on topics of pressing importance for the defense of the U.S. and its allies.

  • Center for Analysis of U.S. Grand Strategy

    The RAND Center for Analysis of U.S. Grand Strategy draws on research and expertise from across the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation to examine America's broad approach to engaging the world.

  • Intelligence Community Portfolio

    The U.S. Intelligence Community must provide policymakers and warfighters with decision-advantage in an increasingly complex and dynamic strategic environment--even as it undergoes enormous changes in who it employs and how it works.

  • RAND National Security Supply Chain Institute

    The National Security Supply Chain Institute helps develop a more complete understanding of the national security implications of complex, interdependent global supply chains.

  • RAND Space Enterprise Initiative

    The Space Enterprise Initiative is a new one-stop shop for space research and related activities across RAND.

  • RAND Strategic Competition Initiative

    For the first time since contending with the Soviet Union in the Cold War, the United States faces the prospect of a long-term competition with major strategic rivals, namely the People's Republic of China and Russia. An initiative from the RAND National Security Research Division examines international strategic competition in detail.