NDRI Centers

NDRI Research Centers

NDRI operates through four interconnected centers:

  • The International Security and Defense Policy Center (ISDP) explores how the global security environment is changing; how those new conditions affect U.S. interests; and what policies, strategies, and terms of U.S. engagement are needed to shape the environment and protect those interests.
  • The Acquisition and Technology Policy Center (ATP) addresses opportunities and challenges presented by advances in technology, in particular those enabled by the information revolution. It identifies ways to preserve and strengthen the nation’s military industrial base, along with innovative weapon system acquisition strategies.
  • The Forces and Resources Policy Center (FRP) analyzes issues affecting DoD’s human resources. These include policy options that help ensure that the United States is able to attract and retain high-quality military personnel, appropriately support the families of military personnel, and efficiently provide health care to service members, retirees, and their dependents.
  • The Intelligence Policy Center (IPC) maintains a broad, substantive focus that spans international security, acquisition, and manpower issues affecting the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of national-security intelligence.