NDRI Fellows Program

Fellowships at many institutions, including RAND, are offered through the Federal Executive Fellowship (FEF) program. Officers interested in becoming a Marine or Navy Fellow at RAND should be aware of the following procedures.

For Navy fellowships, the next fiscal year's program is usually announced with a call for applicants in the spring or early summer via a Naval Administrative (NAVADMIN) message . Applicants are required to provide a package via the appropriate chain of command containing a current bio, letters of recommendation, and a 150-word essay about why the applicant should receive a fellowship. Applications are usually due to the Navy in late August or early September. A selection board meets in the fall to review all fellowship applications. More information about Navy fellowships can be found in OPNAVINST 1500.72F. As of 2006-07, all RAND Navy fellows will work from the Washington DC office.

Marine Corps

Top-level schools such as the Naval War College offer 11 fellowships, of which RAND is one. Lieutenant Colonels who are selected for top-level schools can submit three choices for one of the fellowships or for a top-level school. The coordinator of the USMC Program is Michael G. Cooper.

Coast Guard

Each year the Coast Guard selects officers in the grade of O-5/O-6 to attend Senior Service Schools, of which RAND is one. The Coast Guard sends officers to these programs to develop senior leaders with the strategic thinking and planning skills needed to meet the challenges of our present missions and to prepare the Coast Guard for the future, to provide superior public service across all missions, to form effective partnerships inside and outside the service, and to support the innovations needed to more effectively and efficiently manage Coast Guard resources. Officers interested in the Senior Service School programs are encouraged to visit the Senior Service School information page on the Coast Guard’s advanced education web site.

Department of Homeland Security

Each year the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and RAND select a senior DHS analyst to work and study for up to a year at the RAND Corporation. The DHS Fellowship is co-sponsored by the Homeland Security and Defense Center, a joint effort of RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment (JIE) and the National Security Research Division (NSRD).