NDRI Fellows Program

Fellowships at many institutions, including RAND, are offered through the Federal Executive Fellowship (FEF) program. Officers interested in becoming a Marine or Navy Fellow at RAND should be aware of the following procedures.

For Navy fellowships, the next fiscal year's program is usually announced with a call for applicants in the spring or early summer via a Naval Administrative (NAVADMIN) message . Applicants are required to provide a package via the appropriate chain of command containing a current bio, letters of recommendation, and a 150-word essay about why the applicant should receive a fellowship. Applications are usually due to the Navy in late August or early September. A selection board meets in the fall to review all fellowship applications. More information about Navy fellowships can be found in OPNAVINST 1500.72F. As of 2006-07, all RAND Navy fellows will work from the Washington DC office.

Marine Corps

Top-level schools such as the Naval War College offer 11 fellowships, of which RAND is one. Lieutenant Colonels who are selected for top-level schools can submit three choices for one of the fellowships or for a top-level school. The coordinator of the USMC Program is Michael G. Cooper.