American Educator Panels

The American Educator Panels (AEP) consists of the three nationally representative samples of educators who provide their feedback on important issues of educational policy and practice. The three panels are the American Teacher Panel, the American School Leader Panel, and the American School District Panel (ASDP).

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Success in education depends on the knowledge and efforts of principals and teachers. If you are interested in fielding a survey or using one of our public data sets, contact the RAND team.

Bringing educators' perspectives to the forefront of decisionmaking.

What our panelists are saying

  • Thank you for letting me give my thoughts on education. This is the only way I have a voice. In my district, I have been silenced or my words fall upon "broken antennae."

    - High school teacher from California

  • Thank you for the essential services you provide to further education for the students, teachers, and families of America.

    - Teacher from Louisiana

  • I wanted to just say thank you for allowing teachers across the country to participate in giving their opinions on many different topics that affect us and our students (many who challenge us daily!).

    - Grades 1-3 teacher from Delaware

How AEP Results Informed State Policy

The AEP can help decisionmakers understand current challenges—and inform future policy decisions. Findings from one AEP survey showed that Louisiana teachers are doing better than peers in other states when it comes to providing instruction aligned with state standards.

These findings may be linked to the way state education officials in Louisiana have worked with teachers to help them understand and implement the standards, showing promise for using a similar model in other states.

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