Connecting With Communities

Nicky Sanchez Quiles, 71, a resident of the San Rafael nursing home and a dialysis patient, is taken to a hospital in Arecibo, Puerto Rico February 14, 2018

Photo by Alvin Baez/Reuters

Over the past three decades, driven in part by outmigration to seek economic opportunity in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico’s population (3.3 million in 2017) has shifted from one that is primarily young and urbanizing to an older demographic. Yet in the wake of the hurricanes, local governments and community members pulled together to sustain one another, showing significant resilience in the face of disaster. Recovery efforts that build on this resilience—across all sectors—aim to make communities and municipalities stronger.

Working with FEMA counterparts and other stakeholders, HSOAC identified recovery actions that aim to strengthen community and municipal capacity to face future disasters. These include improving emergency preparedness, communication, recovery planning, research and training, and engagement with NGOs. Recovery actions also include improving municipal fiscal conditions, implementing regional approaches to service delivery and planning, rebuilding urban centers, increasing municipal transparency, and enhancing municipal capacity.

What the Community Says


Community Planning and Capacity Building (CPCB)