Puerto Rico Recovery Publications

Recovery Plan Development

To establish an evidence-based foundation for Puerto Rico's economic and disaster recovery plan, the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC) assessed the damage caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria along with the remaining needs relating to the island’s pre-existing challenges and stressors. HSOAC worked with key stakeholders (including the government of Puerto Rico, agency heads, mayors, community leaders, subject matter experts, citizens, and more than 100 federal offices and agencies) to develop and define the recovery strategy and specific recovery courses of action (COAs) contained in the plan. HSOAC's cost and funding team worked with stakeholders to estimate the costs of these COAs and identify potential funding sources. To support the government of Puerto Rico in selecting the COAs that represented their desired recovery strategy, a decision support tool was developed to summarize and synthesize possible options.

The three reports below describe this foundational work to assess the damage and needs in Puerto Rico after the 2017 hurricane season, describe HSOAC's process and methodology for the development and refinement of the recovery COAs, and overview the approach to estimate the costs and find funding sources for the 276 COAs included in the Recovery Plan.

Recovery Sectors

Connecting With Communities

Economic Recovery and Resilience

Human Recovery

Natural and Cultural Resources

Physical Infrastructure

Considerations for Implementation of Recovery Plan