Private Military and Security Companies Newsletter

This newsletter captures a selection of open-source material on Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs). The United Nations defines PMSC as a corporate entity which provides on a compensatory basis military and/or security services by physical persons and/or legal entities. Military services include specialized services related to military actions, including strategic planning, intelligence, investigation, land, sea or air reconnaissance, flight operations of any type, manned or unmanned, satellite surveillance, any kind of knowledge transfer with military applications, material and technical support to armed forces and other related activities. Security services include armed guarding or protection of buildings, installations, property and people, any kind of knowledge transfer with security and policing applications, development and implementation of informational security measures and other related activities. In the context of this newsletter, malign activities are those activities undertaken by a PMSC which are illegal, destabilizing, or escalatory. The RAND Corporation seeks credible open-source material and curates but does not verify the content of the open-source material in this monthly summary with the support of U.S. government foreign assistance funding to raise awareness of the activities of PMSCs.

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Latest Issue: April 2024