Contact Information

RAND National Security Research Division

1776 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138

Jack Riley
NSRD Vice President and NDRI Director
Phone: (412) 683-2300 x4956

Laura Baldwin
NSRD Associate Director
Phone: (412) 683-2300, x4901

RAND Acquisition and Technology Policy Center

Joel Predd, Director
Phone: (412) 683-2300, x4241

RAND Forces and Resources Policy Center

John Winkler, Director
Phone: (703) 413-1100 x7183

RAND Intelligence Policy Center

John Parachini, Director
Phone: (703) 413-1100 x5579

RAND International Security and Defense Policy Center

Christine Wormuth, Director
Phone: (703) 413-1100 x5798