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Paul DeLuca is the director of the Navy and Marine Forces Program, part of the RAND National Security Research Division, and a senior engineer at RAND. DeLuca focuses on technology issues for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, SOCOM, U.S. Air Force, and Australian DoD. His recent research includes a series of analyses of alternatives for the Special Operations community and the U.S. Coast Guard. Other study topics include an analysis of methods to sustain nuclear submarine design skills in the United States, implementing open architecture systems within the AEGIS combat system, and exploring options for improved air-naval cooperation. 

Prior to joining RAND, DeLuca worked as the director of engineering for Kopin Corp's optical device group. He has experience in crystal growth of nanometer scale electronic materials and holds several patents related to GaAs and GaN devices. As a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, DeLuca served five years in the submarine community. 

DeLuca holds a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Northwestern University.


Ph.D. in engineering, Northwestern University; M.S. in engineering, Ohio State University; B.S. in physics, U.S. Naval Academy

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