Christopher A. Mouton

Christopher A. Mouton

Senior Engineer; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Christopher Mouton, Ph.D., is a senior engineer at the RAND Corporation. Mouton is a strategic technologist with specializations in technological innovation, public policy, and artificial intelligence (AI). He leads a research team focused on special operations forces (SOF), conducting in-depth capability reviews and cost-effectiveness analyses that have significantly improved SOF operational effectiveness. His work has directly influenced procurement decisions and has contributed to a rigorous approach for prioritizing technology investments essential to national security, which balances operational value, risk, and cost. Previously, as Acting Director of RAND's Acquisition and Technology Policy Program, he managed multidisciplinary research in domains including space, air, ground, sea, and cyber. Mouton holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology and has been honored with multiple awards, including RAND's Leonard Schaeffer Medal.


M.S. and Ph.D. in aeronautical engineering, California Institute of Technology (Caltech); B.S. in aerospace engineering, University of Texas

Selected Work

  • Mouton, Christopher A., Carl Rhodes, Mark V. Arena, Paul DeLuca, Andrew Dowse, John P. Godges, Adam R. Grissom, Caleb Lucas, and Erik Silfversten, Establishing a Sovereign Guided Weapons Enterprise for Australia: International and Domestic Lessons Learned, RAND Corporation (RR-A1710-1), 2022
  • Hanson, Russell, Christopher A. Mouton, Adam R. Grissom, and John P. Godges, COVID-19 Air Traffic Visualization: A New Tool Helps Analyze Commercial Air Travel Involving Infected Passengers, RAND Corporation (RR-A248-1), 2020
  • Christopher A. Mouton, Adam R. Grissom, Preparing for "Post-ISIL" Access Challenges: Robust Basing to Support Operations Against Nonstate Adversaries, RAND Corporation (RR-2493), 2018
  • Mouton, Christopher A., John P. Godges, Timelines for Reaching Injured Personnel in Africa, RAND Corporation (RR-1536-OSD), 2016
  • Christopher A. Mouton and Hans G. Hornung, "Experiments on the Mechanism of Inducing Transition between Regular and Mach Reflection," Physics of Fluids, 20(12), 2008
  • Christopher A. Mouton and Hans G. Hornung, "Mach Stem Height and Growth Rate Predictions," AIAA Journal, 45(9), 2007

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