Information Operations


Information operations and warfare, also known as influence operations, includes the collection of tactical information about an adversary as well as the dissemination of propaganda in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent. RAND research has enabled military leaders and policymakers to develop strategies and policy frameworks to address the challenges of these military operations.

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    AI-Powered Information Warfare in the Indo-Pacific

    Advanced artificial intelligence technologies could enhance China's ability to conduct information operations at an unprecedented scale and sophistication. Collaboration with partner nations is crucial for sharing intelligence, building a collective understanding of threats, and coordinating responses.

    Mar 14, 2024

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    Who's Winning the Information War in Ukraine?

    Many prominent Western news outlets and policymakers have concluded that Ukraine is winning the information war. Are Ukraine's information campaigns, in fact, more persuasive than Russia's? If so, why?

    Oct 12, 2023

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