Tools and Resources to Help with Follow-Up Actions

Here, we provide the following tools and ideas to plan and manage follow-up actions:

General Guidance

Law Enforcement Community, Diversion, and Service Coordination Programs

  • Las Vegas Police Department Intervention Officers operate where there is an opportunity to prevent another call to the police by connecting an individual with support.
  • The Pittsburgh Police Department has a partnership with The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's resolve Crisis Services to connect people for support (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, undated).
  • The Atlanta Police Department has a pre-arrest diversion program called Policing Alternatives & Diversion Initiative (Atlanta Police Department, undated).
  • Pasco County Sheriff's Department in Florida has 12 detectives in a Behavioral Health Intervention Team to have a proactive approach to address crime and threats (Blazonis, 2019).
  • The NYPD maintains a different Community Resource Guide for each part of the city that officers can use to connect people with resources.
  • The Providing Alternatives to Hinder Extremism (PATHE) program with the LAPD maintains contact with people of concern. The program uses existing agency resources to provide voluntary options to help people move away from violence (Lopez and Drechsler, 2017).

Health Care and Mental Health

Youth Programs

  • Youth mentor programs, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters can be great community connections for any youth, including those who are moving toward violence (Boys and Girls Clubs of America, undated; Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, undated). They can be a strong deterrence resource in addition to being a part of a mitigation plan.
  • The National Police Athletics Activity Leagues can connect you to local police activities leagues for youth activities. These leagues also have the benefit of relationships and trust with law enforcement (National Association of Police Athletic/Activities Leagues, undated).
  • SRO programs, such as the Loudoun County SRO program, can be an integral partner for providing support to youth.

Gun Seizures and Prohibitions

  • Be familiar with gun removal options in your state and work with the local District Attorney and courts to establish an understanding of how to move forward with these cases.
  • Connect with the ATF to understand legal tools that it might be able to offer to remove guns through administrative seizure.
  • Be familiar with extreme risk protection order options in your state and work with the local District Attorney and courts to establish an understanding of how to move forward with these cases.
  • Partner with the local U.S. Attorney for general coordination and on specific cases in order to access their resources and be on same page in terms of legal options that are available at different stages.
  • Extreme Risk Protection Order Model Legislation (DOJ, 2021).

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