Case Example: Prevention Through Partnerships and Active Information-Sharing

This is an example of a partnership and information ending a threat on a school. This example is hypothetical but is based on real-life cases.

A woman calls in a tip to the local police department that her neighbor has been increasingly volatile and has been talking about people needing to die. A teacher raises a concern about a student to a school administrator, who calls in a tip to the National Threat to Life line. A mother calls in a tip to the local sheriff with a concern that her son has been accumulating weapons. These tips are all about the same person. Because the three organizations have a regularly scheduled local threat meeting, they are able to realize that they all have the same individual of concern. Working together, the partners are able to determine that the young man was taking steps to carry out an attack at his high school. The boy is arrested, and the attack is thwarted. Further efforts are made to obtain a permanent gun violence restraining order.

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