Strengthening the U.S.-Japan Alliance

A years-long project to identify and discuss issues of critical importance to the United States, to Japan, and to the alliance between the two nations

Against a backdrop of rapid, dramatic changes in the security, economic, and technological environments of Northeast Asia, many new issues of relevance to the U.S.–Japan alliance have arisen in recent years. The alliance is the cornerstone of U.S. presence in Asia, bringing together the world's largest and third largest economies. RAND conducts an ongoing series of events that gather experts from the United States and Japan to examine pressing issues from the perspectives of each nation.

This project is an initiative of the International Security and Defense Policy Program (ISDP), part of the RAND National Security Research Division. ISDP conducts research and analysis on defense and national security topics for the U.S. and allied defense, foreign policy, homeland security, and intelligence communities, as well as for foundations and other nongovernmental organizations that support defense and national security analysis.

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