Sebastian Joon Bae

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Defense Analyst
Washington Office


BA in peace & conflict studies, UC Berkeley; MA in security studies, Georgetown University


Sebastian J. Bae is a defense analyst at the RAND Corporation. For six years, he served in the Marine Corps infantry, leaving as a Sergeant, including a deployment to Iraq in 2009. Afterwards, he served as a defense writer at Foreign Policy Magazine before moving to the U.S. Marine Corps Wargaming Division as a wargaming analyst. His current research interests include wargaming, counterinsurgency, hybrid warfare, violent non-state actors, emerging technologies, and the nature of future warfare. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown's Center for Security Studies, where he teaches military tabletop wargaming. For the Military Operations Research Society, he serves as the Co-Chair for the Wargaming Community of Practice. 


  • The Hawaii National Guard hosting the 2018 Pacific Rim: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Response, Enterprise Wargame at its Joint Force Headquarters in Honolulu, HI, July 10, 2018, photo by Tech. Sgt. Andrew Jackson/U.S. Air National Guard

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