Jonathan Fujiwara

Senior Technical Analyst


B.S. in chemistry, US Naval Academy


Jonathan Fujiwara is a senior technical analyst that leads research focused on Operations in the Information Environment.  He particularly enjoys research that aims to improve cyberspace operations and other information related capabilities across the Department of Defense. Also, he specializes in developing and adapting command and control concepts to meet the needs of emerging warfare concepts. His time in the Navy conducting airborne electronic attack, cyberspace operations, and information warfare give him a unique background that brings valuable operational experience to RAND research. He has used this experience on a broad range of RAND research projects to include cyberspace effects estimation, countering future integrated air defense concepts, robust communications for multi-domain command and control, and intelligence support to information warfare. Fujiwara is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and has a B.S. in chemistry. He also completed studies at the Naval War College focused on the Operational Level of War and has completed training at the Air Force Advanced Space Operations School.