Brenna O'Neill

Brenna O'Neill
Research Programmer
Off Site Office


M.P.H. in biostatistics, George Washington University; B.S. in mathematics, Bucknell University


Brenna O'Neill (she/her) is a research programmer in the RAND Corporation's Research Programming Group. She works primarily in RAND Healthcare, and performs database management as well as analytic tasks including extracting, cleaning and maintaining large complex datasets, as well as performing statistical analysis on these data. Prior to joining RAND, she worked in clinical trials research at Statistics Collaborative, Inc. O'Neill received her MPH in Biostatistics from The George Washington University.

Selected Publications

Bradley D. Stein, MD, PhD; Tisamarie B. Sherry, MD, PhD; Brenna O’Neill, MPH; Erin A. Taylor, PhD, MSPH; and Mark Sorbero, MS, "Rapid Discontinuation of Chronic, High-Dose Opioid Treatment for Pain: Prevalence and Associated Factors," Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2021