Cindy Zheng

Research Assistant


B.A. in international studies, American University


Cindy Zheng is a research assistant at the RAND Corporation. Her research interests include U.S.-China relations, Chinese foreign policy, and Indo-Pacific security issues. She has experience analyzing Chinese language documents to survey Chinese strategic and scholarly perspectives. Prior to RAND, Zheng worked as a Research Assistant at the School of International Service, examining China's military history in East Asia. She has also interned at the U.S. State Department’s Office of China Affairs, Brookings Institution, and the Wilson Center.

Zheng received her BA in International Studies and a double minor in Economics and Asian Studies from American University. She is proficient in Mandarin Chinese.





  • Journal Article

    Xi's Cross-Strait Policy in the "New Era"

    The January 2024 election of Lai Ching-te (William Lai) as president of Taiwan will likely make the Taiwan Strait an increasingly tense and dangerous environment, with potentially significant consequences for U.S. policy and strategy.

    Apr 3, 2024