RAND Archives Available for Scholarly Research

RAND has a proud tradition of making our research and analysis widely available to the public. More than 20,000 RAND publications are already available at no cost on rand.org. Printed copies of a large number of other publications not available in digital form are available for purchase. More information about all of these publications is available at rand.org/pubs.

The publications provide a rich resource for scholars and others interested in learning and writing about RAND's contributions to public policy. Many more materials relevant to our mission, research, and history, and the work of current and former members of the RAND staff, are contained in the RAND archives.

Upon application, access to the archives may be granted to scholars and journalists engaged in academic or other fact-driven and objective research. Access to the archives is at RAND's sole discretion and may be tailored based upon the purpose, affiliation, status, publications history, sponsorship, and other bona fides of the applicant.

Research scholars and qualified journalists who are interested in learning more about RAND's archives can request access through the link below and an archives staff member will reply.

Archives Contact Form

RAND has opened its archives for the following publications and resources:

Other Resources

  • Oral History Project1985–1990

    Conducted within the Department of Space History, National Air and Space Museum