Allison Dormanesh

Allison Dormanesh
Survey Coordinator


M.S. in health and the public interest, Georgetown University; B.A. in ethnic studies, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo


Allison Dormanesh (she/her) is a survey coordinator in RAND’s Survey Research Group. She has experience in coordinating and facilitating diverse research studies with methods including multi-mode surveys (in-person, telephone, web, and mail), in-depth and semi-structured interviews, and methods to evaluate school-based interventions. She has expertise and training in developing survey instruments for a wide range of populations from youth to older adults and is well versed in qualitative data analysis.

Dormanesh has assisted on instrument development and planning for CAHPS VI and has conducted interviews with Medicare beneficiaries (CMS). In addition, she has a research background in public health and sociology and has overseen and managed projects focused on issues affecting predominately low-income and underrepresented communities and that leverage data from social media to understand the impact of tobacco marketing on health behaviors. She has produced research publications in journals such as Tobacco Control, JAMA Pediatrics, JMIR, among others.

Selected Publications

Scott I Donaldson; Allison Dormanesh; Anuja Majmundar; Cindy Pérez; Heather Lopez; Megan Saghian; Trista A Beard; Jennifer B Unger; Jon-Patrick Allem, "Examining the Peer-Reviewed Literature on Tobacco-Related Social Media Data: Scoping Review," Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 2024

Scott I. Donaldson; Allison Dormanesh; Cindy Perez; Muhammad O. Zaffer; Anuja Majmundar; Jennifer B. Unger; Jon-Patrick Allem, "Monitoring the Official YouTube Channels of E-Cigarette Companies: A Thematic Analysis," Health Education & Behavior, 2023

Allison Dormanesh; Jon-Patrick Allem, "New products that facilitate stealth vaping: the case of SLEAV," Tobacco Control, 2022

Allison Dormanesh; Matthew G. Kirkpatrick; Jon-Patrick Allem, "Content Analysis of Instagram Posts From 2019 With Cartoon-Based Marketing of e-Cigarette–Associated Products," JAMA Pediatrics , 2020