Bryan W. Hallmark

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Senior Social Scientist
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. and M.A. in psychology, The University of Connecticut

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Bryan W. Hallmark is a senior social scientist at the RAND Corporation. He has conducted training and education studies on a range of topics from cooperative learning groups and gifted education programs to vocational education policies and assessment systems.

Hallmark's military research includes several studies measuring and accessing training and mission command readiness, assessing how specific equipment and manning changes affect tactical performance, noncommissioned officer professional development; tactical information and its relation to tactical decisions; assessing Warfighters’ Forums affect on leader and collective proficiency, and numerous other analyses of tactical performance in the areas of direct fire, field artillery effectiveness, protection against chemical attack, counterinsurgency skills, and the relationship between Army unit stabilization and training proficiency.

Hallmark received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Connecticut.

Recent Projects

  • Using CTC based metrics to support program and policy decisions
  • Validating the task matrix approach to training readiness
  • Measuring mission command system performance
  • Readiness effects of disaggregated forces and implications for force management
  • Assessing how Stryker Brigade manpower changes improve training and readiness

Selected Publications

Markel, M. W et al., A Preliminary Assessment of the Regionally Aligned Forces (RAF) Concept's Implications for Army Personnel management, RAND Corporation (RR-1065-A), 2015

Straus, S.G et al., Innovative leader development: Evaluation of the U. S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Adaptive Leader Program, RAND Corporation (RR-504-A), 2014

Hallmark, B. W. and Gayton, S. J., Improving Soldier and Unit Effectiveness with the Stryker Brigade Combat Team Warfighters’ Forum, RAND Corporation (TR-919-A), 2011

Bryan W. Hallmark and James C. Crowley, Company Performance at the National Training Center: Battle Planning and Execution, RAND Corporation (MR-846), 2007

Margaret C. Harrell et al., Assessing the Assignment Policy for Army Women, RAND Corporation (MG-590-1), 2003