Sara E. Heins

Photo of Sara Heins
Policy Researcher
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in health policy and management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; B.A. in biology, Cornell University


Sara E. Heins is a policy researcher at the RAND Corporation. Her research interests include substance use and dependence, injury, occupational health, health information technology, maternal and child health, and emergency medical services. Current RAND projects include a review of changes to Medicaid telehealth policy during the COVID-19 public health emergency and assisting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid collect data on ground ambulance organizations. Recently completed RAND projects include developing and validating algorithms to predict functional impairment among Medicare beneficiaries and reviewing state-level efforts to link Medicaid claims and birth certificate data to advance maternal and child health.

Heins received her B.A. in biology and society from Cornell University and, prior to beginning her doctoral program, worked as a data analyst for the Center for Injury Research and Policy and the Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium, both at Johns Hopkins. She received her doctorate from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health in the Department of Health Policy and Management, with a concentration in health services research.

Selected Publications

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