Chelsea Kolb

Photo of Chelsea Kolb
Associate Engineer
Off Site Office


PhD in civil and environmental engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; MS in civil and environmental engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; BA in mathematics, College of Saint Benedict; BA in economics, College of Saint Benedict


Chelsea Kolb is an associate engineer at RAND. Since joining RAND, Kolb has worked on several projects with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to improve the public assistance process for disaster recovery. Additionally, she has helped the Transportation Security Administration design a robust sampling strategy for covert testing of passenger screening. Kolb holds a PhD in civil and environmental engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Her dissertation work focused on modeling the effects of source water bromide on drinking water disinfection by-product (DBP) formation and health risk. She also assessed the efficacy of the regulatory framework for DBPs when bromide is elevated. Kolb received a Fulbright Fellowship where she worked with the Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment and the National University of Costa Rica to model the effects of saltwater intrusion in a coastal aquifer system.