Laura Stelitano

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Associate Policy Researcher
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in learning sciences and policy, University of Pittsburgh; M.Ed. in special education, George Mason University; B.A. in anthropology, Saint Vincent College

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Laura Stelitano (she/her) is an associate policy researcher at the RAND Corporation. Her research primarily focuses on K-12 education and policy implementation and on workforce development. Her education interests include special education and inclusion, teacher use of curricula, teacher and school leader professional development, and teacher and school responses to COVID-19. In the area of workforce development, Laura is interested in studying the improvement and alignment of workforce development systems and working with transdisciplinary teams to employ continuous improvement processes. She specializes in qualitative and mixed methods. Laura was a RAND Summer Associate in 2016 and completed her Ph.D. in learning sciences and policy at the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to that she worked as a research associate at the American Institutes for Research and as a middle school special education teacher in Washington D.C. She earned her M.Ed. in special education at George Mason University and her B.A. in anthropology at Saint Vincent College.

Recent Projects

  • American Instructional Resources Survey
  • COVID-19 Testing in K-12 Schools
  • Exploring How BELL's Approach to Professional Development Transforms Teacher Practice
  • RAISE: C-Accel Pilot Track B2 (National Talent Ecosystem): Rapid Dissemination of AI Microcredentials through Hands-on Industrial Robotics Education (RD-AIM-HIRE)

Selected Publications

Stelitano, L., Doan, S., Woo, A., Diliberti, M., Kaufman, J., Henry, D., The Digital Divide and COVID-19: Teachers' Perceptions of Inequities in Students' Internet Access and Participation in Remote Learning, RAND Corporation (RR-A134-3), 2020

Stelitano, L., Doan, S., Diliberti, M., Teachers Lesson Modifications for Students with Disabilities: Findings from the American Instructional Resources Survey., RAND Corporation (RR-A134-6), 2021 (forthcoming)

Laura J. Faherty, Benjamin K. Master, Elizabeth D. Steiner, Julia H. Kaufman, Zachary Predmore, Laura Stelitano, Jennifer T. Leschitz, Brian Phillips, Heather L. Schwartz, Rebecca Wolfe, COVID-19 Testing in K-12 Schools Insights from Early Adopters, RAND Corporation (WR-A1103-1), 2021

Steiner, E., Stelitano, L., Bogart, A., Meyers, S., The Promise of Summer as a Time for Teacher Professional Learning: Findings from a National Survey and Implications from the BellXcel Program., RAND Corporation (RR-A196-1), 2021

Stelitano, L., Johnston, W.R., Young, C.J., Principals Could Use More Support to Help Students with Disabilities — Especially in Schools Serving Mostly Students of Color., RAND Corporation (RR-2575/13-BMGF), 2020

Stelitano, L., Doan, S., Lawrence, R., Henry, D., Teachers' Use of Intervention Programs: Who Uses Them and How Context Matters. , RAND Corporation (RR-2575/16-BMGF/SFF/OFF), 2020