Katie A. Wilson

Associate Policy Researcher


Ph.D. in meteorology, University of Oklahoma; M.S. in meteorology, University of Oklahoma; B.S. in meteorology, University of Reading


Katie (Bowden) Wilson is an associate policy researcher at RAND, where she brings expertise in operational decisionmaking, especially with respect to NOAA NWS severe weather operations. Wilson has experience designing and executing scenario-based experiments, interviews, and focus groups to learn about the information needs and uses of National Weather Service forecasters and emergency managers. She has a broad interest in natural disasters, operations, and technology, and has studied the impact of emerging technologies on teams, situation awareness, workload, and decisionmaking. Wilson has a Ph.D. and M.S. in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and an M.Met. in meteorology from the University of Reading, UK.

Selected Publications

Katie A. Wilson, Patrick C. Burke, Burkely T. Gallo, Patrick S. Skinner, T. Todd Lindley, Chad Gravelle, Stephen W. Bieda III, Jonathan G. Madden, Justin W. Monroe, Jorge E. Guerra, and Dale A. Morris, "Collaborative Exploration of Storm-Scale Probabilistic Guidance for NWS Forecast Operations," Weather and Forecasting, 39(2), 2024

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Katie A. Wilson, Burkely T. Gallo, Patrick S. Skinner, Adam Clark, Pamela Heinselman, and Jessica J. Choate, "Analysis of end user access of Warn-on-Forecast guidance products during an experimental forecasting task," Weather, Climate, and Society, 13, 2021

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Katie A. Wilson, Pamela L. Heinselman, Charles M. Kuster, Darrel M. Kingfield, and Zhio Kang, "Forecaster Performance and Workload: Does Radar Update Time Matter?" Weather and Forecasting, 32, 2017


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