Nazia Wolters

Photo of Nazia Wolters
Policy Analyst
Santa Monica Office


M.S. in health policy, Columbia University; B.S. in neuroscience, Boston University


Nazia Wolters is a policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. She manages domestic and international projects and leads data collection and qualitative tasks in areas of health care (e.g., patient experiences of care, expansion of women’s reproductive rights, HIV testing in Latino and African American MSMs in Los Angeles; COVID-19 and vaccination trends in the Middle East); education (e.g., quality assurance in early childhood development services in UAE); community-based research (e.g., increasing representation of African American/Black health care practitioners; decreasing obesity in Latino communities thru local church communities); and disaster and emergency preparedness (e.g., behavioral health surveillance in disasters). Wolters grew up in the Middle East and her research interest includes addressing health disparities in the Arab world.

Prior to RAND, she was a program coordinator for an NIH-funded HIV intervention program at UCLA and worked with African American and Latino population in the Los Angeles County region.

After obtaining her graduate degree from Columbia University, Wolters interned as a policy analyst at UNICEF headquarters in New York, performing qualitative analysis and developing policy briefs distributed in UNICEF offices around the globe. As a graduate student, she served as a health activist by establishing a nutrition and exercise club for underserved students and their families at an elementary school in Bronx.