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The RAND Alumni Association (RAA) offers social and intellectual engagement opportunities to all current and former RANDites. Our global RAA community of more than 2,000 is free to join. Don't miss out: Become a member today!

Featured Initiative: Alumni Impact Fund

  • The 2017 Alumni Impact Fund Campaign

    Jun 6, 2017

    We all strive to make a difference and leave a legacy, to improve the world through hard work and dedication. Together, we can strengthen the RAND community and further the impact of RAND’s research and analysis.

From the RAA President

  • Issue 73 of the Alumni Bulletin: Fall 2017

    In the latest issue of the Alumni Bulletin: Photographs from the Alumni Summer Reunion, a generous donation to the RAND Archives, and a positive early start to RAND's Future Workspace Pilot.

Alumni Association News

  • 2017 Alumni Summer Reunion

    Sep 18, 2017

    RAND alumni from every decade from the 1950s to the present gathered in June to for the third annual RAND Alumni Association summer reunion.

  • Family of Alumnus Makes Donation to RAND Archives

    Sep 18, 2017

    The family of alumnus Victor Jackson, who passed away in April, has made a generous donation to the RAND Archives, including first edition RAND books from their father’s library as well as a trove of historical RAND memorabilia and photographs.

The Latest from the RAND Blog

  • Equifax and the Data-Breach Era

    Oct 18, 2017

    The personal and financial data of almost 146 million U.S. consumers has been compromised by the Equifax breach, the latest in a long line of high-profile hacks. Do consumers worry enough about such breaches? And what options are available to Congress?

  • What Does the 19th Party Congress Mean for the PLA?

    Oct 18, 2017

    The People's Liberation Army has a lot at stake in China's Communist Party Congress. In addition to changes in military leadership, reports issued at a Party Congress invariably contain directives to the military that can add impetus to ongoing initiatives.

  • A Glass Half Empty? Taking Stock of Hezbollah's Losses in Syria

    Oct 17, 2017

    Hezbollah has gained valuable combat experience in Syria, but the cost of that experience may not outweigh the losses in troops, the damage to its image and the need to cede some of its autonomy to Iran and the Assad regime. The longer the war drags on, the more apparent these losses will become.

  • Big Data, Big Questions

    Oct 16, 2017

    RAND-Lex is a computer program that can scan millions of lines of text and identify what people are talking about, how they fit into communities, and how they see the world. The program has shed light on how terrorists communicate, how the American public thinks about health, and more.

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