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  • Natalie W. Crawford

    Issue 90 of the Alumni Bulletin: July 2022

    In the latest issue of the Alumni Bulletin: Jason Matheny joins RAND as president and CEO; Remembering Frederick S. Pardee; How to avoid extremism on social media; Gift from Rita Hauser to upgrade the RAND Archives; Taking action against Truth Decay; and more.

Alumni Association News

  • Jason Matheny, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

    Jason Matheny Joins RAND as President and CEO

    Jul 29, 2022

    On July 5, Jason Matheny—an economist, technologist, highly regarded national security expert, and longtime civil servant—became RAND's 6th president and CEO. He recently led White House policy on technology and national security at the National Security Council and the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

  • Fred Pardee attending a Pardee RAND Graduate School Board of Governors meeting on March 28, 2014

    In Remembrance: Frederick S. Pardee

    Jul 29, 2022

    Frederick S. Pardee, a former RAND researcher, longtime RAND supporter, and the Pardee RAND Graduate School's namesake, passed away on June 27, 2022. He was 89. Pardee, who gave generously to RAND throughout his life, was an economic analyst at RAND from 1957 to 1971.

  • Man thinking at his laptop, photo by Shannon Fagan/Getty Images

    How to Avoid Extremism on Social Media

    Jul 29, 2022

    Extremist groups have been trolling the internet for decades, and they have learned to temper their words and disguise their intentions. RAND researchers recently developed a scorecard that rates websites and social media platforms based on how receptive they are to extremist content.

  • A collage of RAND Archives materials, image by Cara McCormick/RAND Corporation

    Gift from Rita Hauser to Upgrade the RAND Archives

    Jul 29, 2022

    Rita Hauser, an international lawyer, philanthropist, and committed RAND supporter, has made a $1 million gift to RAND. The gift will support the RAND Archives, which collects, preserves, and provides access to materials that document the origins, development, operations, and impact of RAND and its research.

  • Taking Action Against Truth Decay

    Jul 29, 2022

    RAND recently launched a creative collaboration with two YouTube content creators—Neil Halloran and Minute Earth—to explore Truth Decay and help individuals understand actions they can take to counter it. The project is part of RAND's NextGen Initiative, which seeks to deepen younger generations' understanding of important policy issues and galvanize them to act.

The Latest from the RAND Blog

  • A Ukrainian service member looks on outside the city of Sievierodonetsk, Ukraine, as Russia's attack continues, June 19, 2022, photo by Oleksandr Ratushniak/Reuters

    The Case for Cautious Optimism in Ukraine

    Aug 9, 2022

    While the outcome of the war in Ukraine is by no means clear, the balance of materiel, manpower, and willpower all seem to make the case for cautious optimism. Although Ukraine is unlikely to throw Russia back to its borders any time soon, the war will likely trend in Ukraine's favor in the coming months. But only if the West does not blink first.

  • A rescuer carries a land mine on the premises of a brick plant Trostianets, Sumy Region, northeastern Ukraine, June 17, 2022, photo by Pavlo_Bagmut/NurPhoto via Reuters Connect

    Is the Virtue in the Weapon or the Cause?

    Aug 5, 2022

    The Biden administration's recent announcement of its intention to adhere to the provisions of the Ottawa Convention on anti-personnel landmines has real consequences. This decision is the latest in the long controversy over the use of anti-personnel landmines and, more broadly, what means are moral in war.

  • Our New CEO, Algorithmic Bias, Equity in the Workplace: RAND Weekly Recap

    Aug 5, 2022

    This weekly recap focuses on what RAND’s new president and CEO envisions for the future, addressing bias in health care algorithms, creating equitable change in the workplace, and more.

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