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Featured Initiative: Alumni Impact Fund

  • Help Us Launch the 2017 Alumni Impact Fund Campaign

    Jun 6, 2017

    We all strive to make a difference and leave a legacy, to improve the world through hard work and dedication. Together, we can strengthen the RAND community and further the impact of RAND’s research and analysis.

From the RAA President

  • Issue 72 of Alumni Bulletin, Now Available Online

    In this issue of the Alumni Bulletin: The Deputy Secretary General of NATO visits RAND; an alumnus hosts a launch event for the San Francisco Bay Area office; and how you can help preserve RAND's seminal publications.

Alumni Association News

  • Help Us Preserve RAND's Seminal Publications

    Jun 23, 2017

    RAND only recently acquired a copy of its first report, published in 1946, and is in need of original copies of a number of seminal early publications.

  • Deputy Secretary General of NATO Visits RAND

    Jun 23, 2017

    RAND alumnus Rose Gottemoeller, deputy secretary general of NATO, recently visited the Santa Monica office to meet with Michael Rich and a group of RAND researchers. They discussed issues important to NATO, including nuclear deterrence, counterterrorism, security in Ukraine, and defense in the Baltics.

The Latest from the RAND Blog

  • Understanding North Korea

    Aug 18, 2017

    How should the U.S. respond to North Korea's provocative behavior? Even the best military options could be cataclysmically bad, but there are nonmilitary options to convince Kim Jong Un that the costs of his provocations outweigh any benefits.

  • When the Car Is a Terror Weapon, Can We Prepare for Attacks?

    Aug 18, 2017

    Soft targets, so-called because they are more vulnerable to terrorism due to lower levels of security, are notoriously difficult to protect, and the latest shift to using vehicles to conduct ramming attacks only compounds the problem for authorities.

  • The Islamic State May Be Failing, but Its Strategic Communications Legacy Is Here to Stay

    Aug 17, 2017

    The Islamic State's caliphate is collapsing but its legacy will live on virtually because of its information operations. The scale of the menace presented by the group today pales in comparison to other global challenges, yet it manages to dominate and terrorize the public mind.

  • What Emerging Research Says About the Promise of Personalized Learning

    Aug 16, 2017

    Personalized learning holds promise as an innovation that can lead to improved educational outcomes for students. But implementers should have modest expectations for the magnitude of the benefits, and patience for the full benefits to emerge.

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