$3 Million Gift Establishes Tang Chair in China Policy Studies at RAND

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August 28, 2017

The RAND Corporation has received a $3 million gift from the Cyrus and Michael Tang Foundation to establish the Tang Chair in China Policy Studies at RAND.

The chair will support a senior scholar who will undertake research on the critical factors that will influence China's future, particularly in education and health care.

“This significant gift will enable RAND to establish our first endowed chair with an international focus,” said Michael D. Rich, RAND president and CEO. “We are very grateful for the continued generosity of the Tang family and look forward to furthering RAND's China-focused policy research and analysis capabilities.”

A previous gift to RAND from the Cyrus Chung Ying Tang Foundation helped to create the Tang Institute for U.S.-China Relations, which works to improve policy discussions that shape relations between the United States and China, and between China and its neighbors.

The Tang Institute, which will house the new Tang Chair, is part of the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy and has supported the RAND Chinese-language website, the development of new research initiatives and joint projects with leading research institutions in China. Cyrus Tang served on the advisory board of the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy from 1999 to 2002, after which time Michael Tang joined the board and is currently an active member.

“With this additional gift we will be able to significantly broaden our research on China and improve the impact of RAND's policy expertise on China's future growth,” said Rafiq Dossani, director of Center for Asia Pacific Policy and a senior economist at RAND.

The holder of the Tang Chair will initiate and manage a research agenda on China's policies for sustainable growth, build partnerships with research institutes in China to organize symposia, exchange programs, and joint research projects, and will mentor China studies scholars at RAND.

“The Tang Institute has been successful in fostering dialogue and exchange between the United States and China on issues such as economic development, labor and trade, and direct foreign investment,” Cyrus Tang said. “Our family feels that the new endowed chair will enable effective discussions on education and health care in order to help address China's long-term growth needs.”

Cyrus Tang is the CEO and chairman of Tang Industries, an international manufacturing and distribution company based in Las Vegas. Michael Tang is vice chairman of Tang Industries and CEO of National Material L.P. They are both longtime RAND supporters.

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