RAND Corporation Administering 2017 Air Force Community Feedback Tool

For Release

September 5, 2017

Researchers from the RAND Corporation are administering an Air Force-sponsored survey to provide members of the Air Force community an opportunity to speak out on the challenges they face and the services they find most helpful.

Air Force leadership invites active, guard and reserve Airmen, their spouses and Air Force civilian employees to take part in a community survey every two to three years. This time the Air Force asked researchers from Project AIR FORCE, a division of RAND, to redesign and administer the survey, which is being administered through Oct. 2.

“Responses will be kept confidential, so this is a way for community members to speak frankly to senior leadership,” said Carra Sims, project lead and a senior behavioral and social scientist at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. “The feedback will allow Air Force leaders to find out how well units are doing in meeting the needs of service members, their families and civilian employees, and where changes need to be made.”

Previous Air Force surveys have led to changes such as additional psychological health resources for reservists, an assessment of healthy food options on and around base, targeted information campaigns to help with deployment preparation, and additional outreach and marketing strategies to raise awareness of social programs that support airmen and their spouses.

In response to community feedback about past surveys, the latest survey is less than half as long as its predecessor. The web-based survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. It asks participants about different kinds of problems they may have encountered in the past year, whether they contacted anyone for assistance, whether they were satisfied with the help they received, and the kinds of military and nonmilitary support available to them. At the beginning of August, all airmen and Air Force civilians were sent email invitations, and postcards with survey information were sent to airmen’s spouses.

For more information about the survey, visit https://www.rand.org/surveys/af-feedback.html or contact the RAND team at af-feedback@rand.org.

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