The Case for and Against AI Watermarking


(Federal Times)

AI on advanced central processing unit with a judge's gavel, photo by Dragon Claws/Getty Images

Photo by Dragon Claws/Getty Images

by Chad Heitzenrater

January 17, 2024

In October, a White House executive order on artificial intelligence invoked the use of watermarking to meet safety, security, and trustworthiness goals for AI outputs like images, videos, or text. This was followed by language in a defense authorization bill calling for a competition to evaluate these technologies.

But watermarking things created by AI is far more complicated than these proclamations might suggest.…

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Chad Heitzenrater is a senior information scientist at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation.

This commentary originally appeared on Federal Times on January 16, 2024. Commentary gives RAND researchers a platform to convey insights based on their professional expertise and often on their peer-reviewed research and analysis.