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This website is an information service offered by RAND at no charge. Note that the information on the website is provided “as is” for general information only.

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Browser Support Policy


This standard applies to web browsers that are being used on desktop versions of Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix. This does not cover PDAs, phones, and other mobile devices.

Technical Overview

The rand.org website has been developed to comply with the following web standards:

  • HTML5

The rand.org website takes advantage of these browser technologies:

  • Cascading Style Sheets
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  • AJAX scripting

Web Browser Support

RAND recognizes that our visitors use a variety of operating systems and Internet browsers. Our goal is to provide visitors with the best possible experience by building web pages that work efficiently and effectively on the most commonly used browsers and settings.

To provide a good experience for most visitors, we test on and support the last two major versions of any browser that comprises 1% or more of visits to our site in a month, if those versions are still being supported by the browser vendor.


RAND strives to make its website accessible for all users, including people with disabilities. Current accessibility features include:

  • consistent page layout and clear navigation mechanisms
  • alternative text detail for appropriate images and other non-text elements
  • semantic markup to indicate headings and lists to aid in page navigation and comprehension
  • inclusion of labels on form fields
  • JavaScript and style sheets to enhance the appearance and functionality of the site; alternative content is provided if these technologies are not available to ensure graceful degradation

If you are experiencing problems accessing the site, contact us through our website feedback form.

RAND is pleased to have other websites include a link to our site, but reserves the right to not include a reciprocal link. As an institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis, RAND encourages the widespread dissemination of its research results through this means. It should be noted that such a link does not imply any endorsement by RAND of products or services. In a similar vein, RAND's policy is not to allow other sites to post RAND material directly but rather to link to RAND material on this website. RAND does not accept paid advertising on this site.

Access to RAND Documents

RAND's premier content resource is the document archive made available through our online bookstore. As a public service, much of RAND's unrestricted work published since 1998 is also available free as downloadable electronic publications (often in PDF format). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher to access PDF files.

RAND's voluntary effort to leverage the accessibility benefits of PDF content builds upon Adobe's commitment to provide tools that support Section 508 compliance for government agencies. This software can be obtained free of charge from the Adobe website. Adobe provides services on their website that allow blind and visually disabled users to access these documents. Accessibility enhancements are available in Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher. Please visit access.adobe.com for additional information.

Permission is required from RAND to reproduce, or reuse in another form, any of our research reports.

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