Writings of Albert Wohlstetter

Albert Wohlstetter was a mathematical logician and senior staff member at RAND in the 1950s and 1960s. Professor Wohlstetter became one of the world's leading nuclear and national security strategists. His studies led to the "second-strike" and "Fail-Safe" concepts for deterring nuclear war. These and other methods reduced the probability of accidental war. Wohlstetter was affiliated with institutions such as the European-American Institute, the Hoover Institution, and PAN Heuristics Services. He received the Medal of Freedom for his contributions toward national security. He earned degrees from Columbia University and later taught at UCLA and UC Berkeley and then for many years at the University of Chicago.

Many of his major RAND works are available in their entirety on this website. The documents below are reprinted with the permission of the Wohlstetter estate.

Campaign Time Pattern, Sortie Rate, and Base Location, Albert Wohlstetter and Harry Rowen, D-1147, January 25, 1952.

Comments on the Wolf-Leites Manuscript: "Rebellion and Authority", Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-17701-ARPA/AGILE, August 30, 1968.

Critique of a Brookings Agenda for the Nation on Military Strategy, Military Forces, and Arms Control, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-17910-ISA, October 1968.

Defending a Strategic Force After 1960, A. Wohlstetter and F. Hoffman, D-2270, February 1, 1954.

The Delicate Balance of Terror, Albert Wohlstetter, P-1472, November 6, 1958.

Economic and Strategic Considerations in Air Base Location, Albert Wohlstetter, D-1114, December 29, 1951.

Impressions and Appraisals in Hong Kong, May 19-May 23, 1962, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-10364-ISA, August 20, 1962.

Impressions and Appraisals in Japan, May 8-May 19, 1962, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-10391-ISA, August 27, 1962.

Impressions and Appraisals in Singapore, May 28-May 29, 1962, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-10399-ISA, August 28, 1962.

Initial and Annual Costs and Peacetime Life Expectancies, Albert Wohlstetter, D-1062, October 30, 1951.

Letter from India, July 17, 1962, Alan Carlin, submitted by Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-10703-ISA, November 19, 1962.

A Little Answer and Some Big Questions for the Target Systems Analysis, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-1246, April 9, 1952.

Making Up for Lost Time or Lost Utility: Casual Notes on Equality and Equity, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-17717-RC, September 1968.

Measures to Protect Airbase Bulk Fuel Stocks, Albert Wohlstetter, F. S. Hoffman, and M. E. Arnsten, RM-1398, December 21, 1954.

Metaphors and Models: Inequalities and Disorder at Home and Abroad, Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter, D-17664-RC/ISA, August 27, 1968.

No Highway to High Purpose, Albert Wohlstetter, P-2084, June 1960.

Notes on the Cuban Crisis: On the Importance of Overseas Bases in the 1960's, Offense-Defense Semantics, Keeping Open Possible Aid to Cuban Resistance, Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter, D(L)-10647-ISA, October 28, 1962.

Objectives of the United States Military Posture, Albert Wohlstetter and Henry Rowen, RM-2373, May 1, 1959.

On Dealing with Castro's Cuba, Part I, Roberta and Albert Wohlstetter, D-17906-ISA, January 16, 1965 (reissued October 10, 1968).

On the Value of Overseas Bases, Albert Wohlstetter, P-1877, January 5, 1960.

On Vietnam and Bureaucracy, Albert Wohlstetter, D-17276-1-ISA, July 17, 1968 (revised).

Outline of a Study for the Plans Analysis Section, H. I. Ansoff, W. W. Baldwin, D. J. Davis, N. Kaplan, P. Kecskemeti, and A. Wohlstetter, D-937, May 10, 1951.

Perspective on Nuclear Energy, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-16568-PR/ISA, January 10, 1968.

Race Differences in Income, Albert Wohlstetter and Sinclair Coleman, R-578-OEO, October 1970.

A Reply to General Vandevanter's Critique of Proposed NATO Reorganization, Alastair Buchan, submitted by Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-10346-ISA, August 16, 1962.

Strength, Interest and New Technologies, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-16624-PR, January 24, 1968.

Studies for a Post-Communist Cuba, Roberta and Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-11060-ISA, February 25, 1963.

Systems Analysis Versus Systems Design, A. J. Wohlstetter, P-1530, October 29, 1958.

Theory and Opposed-Systems Design, Albert Wohlstetter, D(L)-16001-1, August 1967 (revised January 1968).