Garrett Baker

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Policy Analyst
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M.S.Ed in education policy, University of Pennsylvania; B.A. in sociology, Wake Forest University


Garrett Baker is a policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. His primary research interests include inequality, education, and criminal justice. Baker earned a B.A. in sociology from Wake Forest University and an M.S.Ed. in education policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Recent Projects

  • Identifying Effective Shared Housing and Other Innovative Housing Models in the Juvenile Justice System
  • Research on Youth Sports Participation and Funding
  • Reducing Violence in Communities: An In-Depth Study of Efforts in Durham, NC and Minneapolis, MN
  • Designing and Conducting Impact Evaluations for Indigenous-Specific Initiatives Against Family Violence
  • Building a Repository of Measures of Hard-to-measure Competencies

Selected Publications

Uscher-Pines, Lori; Schwartz, Heather L.; Ahmed, Faruque; Zheteyeva, Yenlik; Meza, Erika; Baker, Garrett.; Uzicanin, Amra, "School Practices to Promote Social Distancing in K-12 Schools: Review of Influenza Pandemic Policies and Practices," BMC Public Health, 8(1)

Grant, Sean.; Hamilton, Laura S.; Wrabel, Stephani.; Gomez, Celia J.; Whitaker, Anamarie.; Leschitz, Jennifer T.; Unlu, Fatih.; Chavez-Herrerias, Emilio R.; Baker, Garrett.; Barrett, Mark.; Harris, Mark.; Ramos, Alyssa, Social and emotional learning interventions under the Every Student Succeeds Act: evidence review, RAND Corporation (RR-2133-WF), 2018

Strang, Lucy, Garrett Baker, Jack Pollard, and Joanna Hofman, Violent and Antisocial Behaviours at Football Events and Factors Associated with these Behaviours: A rapid evidence assessment, RAND Corporation (RR-2580-QAT), 2018

Anamarie A. Whitaker, Garrett Baker, Luke J. Matthews, Jennifer Sloan McCombs, Mark Barrett, Who Plays, Who Pays? Funding for and Access to Youth Sports, RAND Corporation (RR-2581-DSGF), 2019

Alice Huguet, Jennifer Kavanagh, Garrett Baker, Marjory S. Blumenthal, Exploring Media Literacy Education as a Tool for Mitigating Truth Decay, RAND Corporation (RR-3050-RC), 2019

Honors & Awards

  • RAND Spotlight Award