Michael D. Hurd

Michael D. Hurd
Director, RAND Center for the Study of Aging; Senior Principal Researcher


Ph.D. in economics, University of California, Berkeley; M.S. in statistics, University of California, Berkeley; B.S. in electrical engineering, University of Utah

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Michael Hurd is a senior principal researcher at RAND, where he directs the RAND Center for the Study of Aging. His research interests cover a wide range of topics in the economics of aging including: the structure of private pensions and Social Security and their effects on retirement decisions; the economic status of the elderly; the determinants of consumption and saving; the use of health care services; methods of assessing uncertainty in a population; bracketing and anchoring effects in the elicitation of economic information; and the relationship between socioeconomic status and mortality. His most recent research focuses on the monetary costs of dementia, and the costs of long-term care. Hurd has a Ph.D. in economics and an M.S. in statistics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Research Associate, NBER; NETSPAR Fellow

Selected Publications

Hurd, M. D., P. Martorell and K. Langa, "Future Monetary Costs of Dementia in the United States Under Alternative Dementia Prevalence Scenarios.," Journal of Population Ageing, 1(12), 2015

Hurd, Michael; Rohwedder, Susann, "Heterogeneity in Spending Change at Retirement," Journal of the Economics of Aging, (1-2), 2013

Hurd, M., P. Martorell, A. Delavande, K. J. Mullen and K. M. Langa, "Monetary Costs of Dementia in the United States," New England Journal of Medicine, 368(14), 2013

Hurd, M., P. C. Michaud and S. Rohwedder, "The Displacement Effect of Public Pensions on the Accumulation of Financial Assets," Fiscal Studies, 33(1), 2012

Hurd, Michael, "Inter-vivos Giving by Older People in the United States: Who Received Financial Gifts from the Childless," Ageing and Society, 29, 2009

Hurd, Michael; Rohwedder, Susann, "Methodological Innovations in Collecting Spending Data: The HRS Consumption and Activities Mail Survey," Fiscal Studies, 30(3/4), 2009

Hurd, Michael, "Subjective Probabilities in Household Surveys," Annual Review of Economics, 1, 2009

Hurd, M., Hudomiet, P. & Rohwedder, S., "The Relationship Between Lifetime Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditures, Dementia, and Socioeconomic Status in the U.S.," The Journal of the Economics of Aging (forthcoming)

Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: WAMU, The Diane Rehm Show