Raymond Kuo

Raymond Kuo

Senior Political Scientist

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Raymond Kuo is the inaugural director of the RAND Corporation's Taiwan Policy Initiative and a senior political scientist at RAND. He is an expert in international security, international order, and East Asia.

He published two books in 2021:  Following the Leader (Stanford University Press) on military alliances and Contests of Initiative (Westphalia-GMU Press) on China's maritime gray zone strategy. His other research has appeared in International Security, the Journal of Conflict ResolutionThe National Interest, the Diplomat, and other outlets.

Kuo was a tenure-track professor at Fordham University and the University at Albany, SUNY. He previously worked for the United Nations, the National Democratic Institute, and the Democratic Progressive Party (Taiwan). He holds a Ph.D. in politics from Princeton University.


Ph.D. in politics, Princeton University; M.S. in international relations, London School of Economics and Political Science; B.A. in college of social studies, Wesleyan University


Mandarin; French; Arabic

Selected Work

  • Raymond Kuo, Following the Leader: International Order, Alliance Strategies, and Emulation., Stanford University Press, 2021
  • Raymond Kuo, Contests of Initiative: Confronting China’s Gray Zone Maritime Strategy, George Mason University-Westphalia Press, 2021
  • Raymond Kuo, Brian Blankenship, "Deterrence and Restraint: Do Joint Military Exercises Escalate Conflict?" Journal of Conflict Resolution, 66(1), 2022
  • Raymond Kuo, "Secrecy among Friends: Covert Military Alliances and Portfolio Consistency," Journal of Conflict Resolution, 64(1), 2020
  • Raymond Kuo, "Communal Violence and Economic Migration in Pakistan," International Migration, 57(5), 2019
  • Raymond Kuo, "Evolution and Territorial Conflict," International Security, 39(3), 2014
  • Raymond Kuo, "Occupation and the Just War," International Relations, 22(3), 2008
  • Liza Steele, Raymond Kuo, "Terrorism in Xinjiang?" Ethnopolitics, 6(1), 2007

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