Raymond Kuo

Raymond Kuo
Senior Political Scientist
Off Site Office


Ph.D. in politics, Princeton University; M.S. in international relations, London School of Economics and Political Science; B.A. in college of social studies, Wesleyan University

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Raymond Kuo is the inaugural director of the RAND Corporation's Taiwan Policy Initiative and a senior political scientist at RAND. He is an expert in international security, international order, and East Asia.

He published two books in 2021:  Following the Leader (Stanford University Press) on military alliances and Contests of Initiative (Westphalia-GMU Press) on China's maritime gray zone strategy. His other research has appeared in International Security, the Journal of Conflict ResolutionThe National Interest, the Diplomat, and other outlets.

Kuo was a tenure-track professor at Fordham University and the University at Albany, SUNY. He previously worked for the United Nations, the National Democratic Institute, and the Democratic Progressive Party (Taiwan). He holds a Ph.D. in politics from Princeton University.

Previous Positions

Assistant Professor, Fordham University; Assistant Professor, University at Albany-SUNY; Program Officer, National Democratic Institute; Consultant, United Nations; Foreign Policy Analyst, Democratic Progressive Party (Taiwan)

Selected Publications

Raymond Kuo, Following the Leader: International Order, Alliance Strategies, and Emulation., Stanford University Press, 2021

Raymond Kuo, Contests of Initiative: Confronting China’s Gray Zone Maritime Strategy, George Mason University-Westphalia Press, 2021

Raymond Kuo, Brian Blankenship, "Deterrence and Restraint: Do Joint Military Exercises Escalate Conflict?" Journal of Conflict Resolution, 66(1), 2022

Raymond Kuo, "Secrecy among Friends: Covert Military Alliances and Portfolio Consistency," Journal of Conflict Resolution, 64(1), 2020

Raymond Kuo, "Communal Violence and Economic Migration in Pakistan," International Migration, 57(5), 2019

Raymond Kuo, "Evolution and Territorial Conflict," International Security, 39(3), 2014

Raymond Kuo, "Occupation and the Just War," International Relations, 22(3), 2008

Liza Steele, Raymond Kuo, "Terrorism in Xinjiang?" Ethnopolitics, 6(1), 2007


Mandarin; French; Arabic

Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: CBS News; The Diplomat; KPCC-FM AirTalk; KYMN; Sky News Australia; TaiwanPlus


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