Baileigh McFall

Baileigh McFall
Ph.D. Student, Pardee RAND Graduate School, and Assistant Policy Researcher, RAND


B.S. in physics, United States Air Force Academy


Baileigh McFall is an assistant policy researcher at RAND and a Ph.D. student in the Techonology Applications and Implications stream at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Her research interests include atomic physics, quantum computing, nuclear energy, military strategy, and foreign policy. She has a B.S. in physics from the United States Air Force Academy.

She was previously a research intern in the Nuclear Nonproliferation division of the UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation. As an intern at the the IGCC she conducted research and worked on policy papers regarding nuclear fusion energy. Additionally, she was also a member of a four-person team researching the efficiency of an Atom Trap Trace Analysis system. This ATTA system used a magneto optical trap and zeeman slower to laser trap and cool xenon atoms.