Andrew R. Morral

Andrew R. Morral
Senior Behavioral Scientist, Director of the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research


Ph.D. in psychology, New School for Social Research

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Andrew R. Morral is the Greenwald Family Chair in Gun Policy and a senior behavioral scientist at RAND. He coleads with Rosanna Smart RAND's Gun Policy in America Initiative to understand the effects of gun policies, and he directs the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research, a philanthropy that has awarded more than $24m in research funding to non-RAND researchers across the country.

In addition to his gun policy work, his recent research includes studies examining the prevalence and characteristics of sexual assaults and suicides among members of the U.S. military. His expertise includes program evaluation, survey research, and performance measurement. He has developed innovative techniques for examining drug use, firearm violence, and sexual violence epidemiology; survey response accuracy; and the effects of state firearm laws and substance abuse treatment programs. He was the initial developer of causal modeling software that is now widely used (the R twang package).

Morral has published dozens of peer-reviewed reports, and has served as a science advisor to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, to the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorist Events, and to the DHS Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology from New School for Social Research.

Selected Publications

Morral, Andrew R., Rosanna Smart, Terry Schell, Brian Vegetable, Emma Thomas, "Geographic and demographic differences in the proportion of individuals living in a household with a firearm. ," JAMA Network Open, 7(2), 2024

Andrew Morral and Rosanna Smart, "Better data, less gun violence," Science, 377, 2022

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Morral, Andrew R., Terry L. Schell, Sexual Assault of Sexual Minorities in the U.S. Military, RAND Corporation (RR-A1390-1), 2021

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Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: Christian Science Monitor Daily; JAMA Network; KQED-FM; Modern Healthcare Online; New Scientist; PBS NewsHour Online; Texas Public Radio; WICD-TV