Edward Parker

Photo of Edward Parker
Associate Physical Scientist
Washington Office


Ph.D. in physics, UC Santa Barbara; M.A. in physics, UC Santa Barbara; B.S. in physics, Brown University


Edward Parker is an associate physical scientist at the RAND Corporation. He is broadly interested in the societal impact of disruptive technologies, and his current research focuses on emerging quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Prior to joining RAND, Parker received his Ph.D. in theoretical solid-state physics at UC Santa Barbara, where he numerically modeled exotic magnetic materials that could be useful for building quantum computers. He has also published a research article on machine learning and interned at MIT's office in Washington DC, where he studied the optimal level of federal investment in alternate energy R&D.

Selected Publications

Gavin Hartnett, Edward Parker, and Edward Geist, "Replica Symmetry Breaking in Bipartite Spin Glasses and Neural Networks," Physical Review E, 98, 2018

Danielle C. Tarraf et. al., The Department of Defense Posture for Artificial Intelligence, RAND Corporation (RR-4229-OSD)

Edward Parker, "Security Implications of Quantum Communications and Computing," Issues & Insights, 21(SR1), 2021