Jack Pollard

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M.Sc. in economics and health economics, University of Sheffield; B.A. in economics, University of Sheffield


Jack Pollard is a health economist and analyst at RAND Europe and the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR). He was awarded a studentship from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to study economics and health economics at the University of Sheffield, gaining a M.Sc. with distinction.

Pollard has strong quantitative analysis skills, with experience handling large and complicated datasets, analysing secondary data and applying econometric techniques. He also has experience in health services research, with a particular interest in health economic modelling. Beyond quantitative analysis, he has experience in qualitative research, undertaking interviews, facilitating workshops and focus groups, and designing and programming surveys.

At RAND Europe his research to date has involved a study into health care funding options for cancer treatments, evaluations of quality improvement initiatives in health and care, and an impact evaluation of the Eastern Academic Health Science Network Transform Support Unit.

Previous Positions

Research Assistant

Recent Projects

  • Making outcome-based payments a reality in the NHS
  • Outcome evaluation of Liaison and Diversion Services programme
  • Independent Evaluation of the Flow Coaching Programme
  • Skills demand in the Cambridge area
  • Promising Practices for Health and Wellbeing at Work

Selected Publications

Yang, M., J. Pollard, G. Bryn, S. Marjanovic & J. Sussex, Evaluating the impact of the Eastern Academic Health Science Network Transformation Support Unit, RAND Corporation (RR-2639), 2018

Whitmore, M., K. Stewart, J. Pollard, J. van Belle, M. Yang & C. van Stolk, Promising practices for health and wellbeing at work: A review of the evidence landscape, RAND Corporation (RR-2409), 2018

Liberati, E., M. Sim, J. Pollard & T. Ling, Independent evaluation of the Q Improvement Lab: final report, RAND Corporation (RR-2632), 2018

Strang, L., G. Baker, J. Pollard & J. Hofman, Violent and Antisocial Behaviours at Football Events and Factors Associated with these Behaviours: A rapid evidence assessment, RAND Corporation (RR-2580), 2018