Prateek Puri

Prateek Puri

Associate Information Scientist

Prateek Puri (he/him) is an associate information scientist at the RAND Corporation. Since joining the organization, he has explored the threats large-language models pose to online misinformation spread as well as how these tools can be adapted for misinformation prevention. He has also investigated how the Space Force can augment high-stakes human decision-making surrounding satellite collision events with real-time information supplied by artificial intelligence technologies.

Prior to joining RAND, Puri served as a senior data scientist at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) where he leveraged deep learning technologies to build fraud detection models that flagged bad faith actors manipulating financial markets. While at FINRA, he processed petabyte-level time-series datasets through cloud-based data pipelines and launched projects to prioritize model interpretability in addition to model performance.


PhD in physics, University of California, Los Angeles; MSc in physics, University of California, Los Angeles; BSc in physics, University of California, Los Angeles



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