Fiona Quimbre

Photo of Fiona Quimbre
Research Assistant
Cambridge Office


M.A. in international relations, Sciences Po Bordeaux; M.L. in China studies, Peking University; B.Sc.Econ. in politics, Cardiff University; B.A. in political science, Sciences Po Bordeaux


Fiona Quimbre is a defence and security research assistant at RAND Europe. Her work focuses on defence and strategic decision-making in a context of deep uncertainty and competition. Her research topics centre on future foresight, Chinese foreign policy, innovation, cybersecurity, and the impact of emerging technologies. Her work has helped inform decision-making in the UK Ministry of Defence (DCDC, Dstl), the Estonian Ministry of the Interior, and the European Commission. 

Prior to joining RAND, Quimbre developed her research skills in China at Peking University, investigating patterns of Chinese intervention as well as the influence of technology on Chinese politics through works on the social credit system. She holds first-class degrees with an M.L. in China studies and international relations from Peking University, an M.A. in international relations from Sciences Po Bordeaux and a dual B.Sc.Econ. in political science from Sciences Po Bordeaux and Cardiff University.