James Ryseff

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Technical Analyst
Washington Office


M.S. in security studies, Georgetown University; B.S. in computer science, University of Illinois


James Ryseff is a technical policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. His skills and interests span the worlds of policy and engineering.

After receiving a B.S. in computer science from the University of Illinois, he worked for a variety of large and small companies in the software industry, including Microsoft, SAP/Concur, and Google. From these experiences, Ryseff gained a deep understanding of the real opportunities and challenges organizations face when designing software to solve real-world problems.

More recently, Ryseff received an M.S. in security studies from Georgetown University. His master's thesis, which examined American and Chinese cyber policy through the lens of Robert Jervis's theory regarding the offense-defense balance, was published by CSIS.

Ryseff was also a Lieutenant/EMT-Basic at King County Fire District 20 near Seattle for 7 years.

Selected Publications

James Ryseff, "The Maliciously Formed Packets of August: Cyberwarfare and the Offense-Defense Balance," CSIS Technology Policy Program Occasional Paper Series, 2017


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