Anagha Alka Tolpadi

Photo of Anagha Tolpadi
Statistical Analyst
Santa Monica Office


M.S. in biostatistics, University of Michigan; B.A. in statistical science, Cornell University


Anagha Tolpadi is a statistical analyst at the RAND Corporation. She has conducted statistical analyses to address research questions in a variety of health policy areas, such as pay-for-performance, quality of care, and patient satisfaction. She has experience with a variety of statistical methods such as survey data analysis, survival analysis, regression, mixed and longitudinal modeling, and multiple imputation of missing data. She also has experience with survey methodology and assists with writing analytic and results sections of client reports and research papers.

Tolpadi is proficient in many statistical softwares, such as SAS, R, Stata, and IVEware. She received her M.S. in biostatistics from the University of Michigan and her B.A. in statistical science from Cornell University. 

Recent Projects

  • Analysis Related to Medicare Advantage and Part D Contract Star Ratings
  • Evaluation of the Medicare Care Choices Model
  • National Implementation of the Hospice Patient Experience of Care Survey
  • National Impact Assessment of Impact on CMS Quality and Efficiency Measures
  • Preparation for National Implementation of the Emergency Department Patient Experience of Care Survey

Selected Publications

Osilla, K. C., Trail, T. E., Pederson, E. R., Gore, K. L., Tolpadi, A., & Rodriguez, L. M., "Efficacy of a web-based intervention for concerned spouses of service members and veterans with alcohol misuse," Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 2017

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Pedersen, E. R., Osilla, K. C., Helmuth, E. D., Tolpadi, A., & Gore, K, "Reaching Concerned Partners of Heavy Drinking Service Members and Veterans through Facebook," Military Behavioral Health, 5(3), 2017

D’Amico, E. J., Martino, S. C., Collins, R. L., Shadel, W. G., Tolpadi, A., Kovalchik, S., "Factors Associated With Younger Adolescents’ Exposure to Online Alcohol Advertising," Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 31(2), 2017

Osilla, K. C., Pedersen, E. R., Tolpadi, A., Howard, S. S., Phillips, J. L., & Gore, K. L., "The Feasibility of a Web Intervention for Military and Veteran Spouses Concerned About Their Partner’s Alcohol Misuse," The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 2016

Sapir, E., Tolpadi, A., McHugh, J., Samuels, S. E., Elalfy, E., Spector, M., Shuman, A. G., Malloy, K. M., Prince, M. E., Bradford, C. R., Worden, F. P., Schipper, M., & Eisbruch, A., "Skin cancer of the head and neck with gross or microscopic perineural involvement: Patterns of failure,," Radiotherapy and Oncology, 120(1), 2016