Bonnie L. Triezenberg

Bonnie L. Triezenberg
Senior Engineer


Ph.D. in policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; M.S. in systems science, University of California-Los Angeles; B.S. in aerospace engineering, University of Michigan


Bonnie Triezenberg is a senior engineer at RAND. She received her Ph.D. in Policy Analysis in 2017 from the Pardee RAND graduate school. Her dissertation, “Deterring Space War” received the 2018 Richard E. Sherwood Memorial Award to recognize innovation and excellence in foreign affairs. Previously, she was one of 60 hand-selected Senior Technical Fellows at the Boeing Company, representing the highest technical rank in the company. With expertise in agile systems and software development, she contributed to the successful deployment of over 100 space based systems, acting as Chief Engineer in leading system and software development for a wide range of complex embedded and enterprise processing systems for weather, communication, navigation (GPS) and imaging spacecraft for both government and commercial customers. She is expert in software development and assurance of critical embedded autonomous and remotely controlled systems (spacecraft, UAVs, submarines, power plants, etc.).

At RAND, her focus is on policy issues in national security, science and technology. Her policy interests lie generally at the intersections of humans, information technology, and physical systems. She is fascinated by issues that touch on cyber security and safety for autonomous systems, privacy in an age of ubiquitous communication, and strategies for deterring the weaponization of outer space and cyberspace while maintaining readiness to defend both.  As a woman in the tech industry for more than 40 years, she also enjoys researching issues of diversity and innovation and how the information age is shaping both.

Selected Publications

Triezenberg, Bonnie L., Colby P. Steiner, Grant Johnson, Jonathan Cham, Éder M. Sousa, Moon Kim, and Mary Kate Adgie, Assessing the Impact of U.S. Air Force National Security Space Launch Acquisition Decisions: An Independent Analysis of the Global Heavy Lift Launch Market, RAND Corporation (RR-4251-AF), 2020

Triezenberg, Bonnie L., Jason M. Ward, Jonathan Cham, Devon Hill, Sean Robson, and Jeff Fourman, The Composition and Employment of Software Personnel in the U.S. Department of Defense: An Initial Analysis, RAND Corporation (RR-A520-1), 2020

Triezenberg, Bonnie L., Krista Langeland, and Bryce Downing, Space Competition and the Dynamics of Conflict: Using Game Theory and Artificial Intelligence to Gain Strategic Insight, RAND Corporation (RR-A751-1), 2022

Schmid, Jon, Bonnie L. Triezenberg, James Dimarogonas, and Samuel Absher, The Role of Standards in Fostering Capability Evolution: Does Design Matter? Insights from Interoperability Standards, RAND Corporation (RR-A1576-1), 2022

Dolan, Brian, Bonnie L. Triezenberg, Emmi Yonekura, Sandra Kay Evans, Moon Kim, Dwayne M. Butler, Sarah W. Denton, and Shreyas Bharadwaj, Understanding, Managing, and Reporting U.S. Space Force Readiness, RAND Corporation (RR-A977-1), 2023

Triezenberg, Bonnie L., William Shelton, Megan McKernan, Sarah W. Denton, James Dimarogonas, Brian Dolan, Shane Manuel, Gwen Mazzotta, Sydne J. Newberry, Laurinda L. Rohn, Karen Schwindt, Yuliya Shokh, and Jordan Willcox, Improving Integration and Synchronization of Space Acquisition and Fielding, RAND Corporation (RR-A1735-1), 2023